This video explains the ins and outs of living well on a well.
Rural Properties

Living Well On A Well

Drinking water wells are familiar territory for anyone who grew up in a rural area. This video is intended for anyone who grew up on municipal water in a city and wants to understand the […]

Ontario Provicial Police commander John Hatch provides an extra-ordinary example of community policing in the County to reach teens at risk

Community Policing In The County

Services in rural areas are different than in big cities, some for the worse and some for the better. Waiting for the snow plow to come might fall into the first category. On the other […]

County monthly home sales 2017
Market Trends 2017

Homes Over $300,000: Oct. to Dec. 2017

2017 was a turbulent year in Prince Edward County for single-family homes worth $300,000 and up. The County market heated up and then cooled off in tandem with the Toronto market, ultimately bringing good news […]

Teranet National Bank housing price incex
Market Trends 2017

Toronto prices fall in December

The most recent Teranet and National Bank House Price report on house prices in major Canadian cities released on January 12th showed that house prices in Toronto have continued to fall since their peak in […]