This video provides step-by-step instructions for how to find a good well using the Ontario Well Records Map.
Rural Properties

Find A Good Well

If you’re considering a rural property in Prince Edward County, water is important. Here’s how to find a good well using the Ontario Well Records Map. […]

Picture shows a stone cistern for water storage in a 19th century house in Prince Edward County.
Rural Properties

Cisterns For Water Storage

Before I moved to Prince Edward County and got involved with real estate, I thought a cistern was something vaguely unseemly. In reality, a cistern is merely a tank that’s used to store water. In […]

Living on a well for drinking water in Prince Edward County
Rural Properties

Different Types of Wells

People in urban areas may take drinking water for granted, but not in Prince Edward County. Most people are living on a well here. Like the weather, water is a frequent topic of conversation. There […]

This video explains the ins and outs of living well on a well.
Rural Properties

Living Well On A Well

Drinking water wells are familiar territory for anyone who grew up in a rural area. This video is intended for anyone who grew up on municipal water in a city and wants to understand the […]

Prince Edward County limited subdivisions
Rural Properties

No Subdivision Next Door

“It’s a great house and we love the view of the farmland, but will there be a subdivision next door?” When people buy a home in a rural area of Prince Edward County, they’re often […]