June 2016 home sales
Market Trends 2016

37% increase in County home sales

Detached home sales in Prince Edward County broke new records in June, with sales for the month up 37% compared to June last year. Much of the increase is a spill over from the frantic […]

Selling to listing price ratio
Market Trends 2016

County moving toward seller’s market

With home sales at a 6-year high and listings at a 10-year low, the County has definitvely moved into a sellers market. However, even with sales up and selection limited, the County is seeing only a moderate increase […]

real estate listings
Market Trends 2016

Listings hit 10-year low

Detached home listings in Prince Edward County fell to a ten-year low at the end of May. 330 detached homes were listed for sale in the County at the end of May, a reduction of […]

Detached home sales May 2016
Market Trends 2016

May home sales continue growth trend

Homes sales in Prince Edward County continued to grow, with 58 detached homes sold in May, up 18% from May 2015. County homes sales have grown consistently during the first 5 months of 2016, with […]

vacant land prices
Market Trends 2016

Vacant land prices in Prince Edward County

As a buyer’s representative, I am asked from time to time about the costs of building a home in Prince Edward County, so this is the first in a series of posts on the different […]

Market Trends 2016

Property values up 1.8% per year

“On Tuesday, May 10th, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) released the 2016 property assessments for Prince Edward County. MPAC is the provincial body responsible for assessing all properties in Ontario as the basis for real […]

Record sales four months
Market Trends 2016

Record sales for first four months

Prince Edward County set an all-time record this year for the number of detached homes sold in the first four months of the year. >125 homes were sold between January 1st and April 30th, up […]

average days to sell
Market Trends 2016

Homes selling faster in Picton, Wellington

As the number of homes listed for sale fell to a 6-year low in March, the time required for homes to sell followed suit, at least in the built-up areas of Picton and Wellington. For the first […]

Sales over $1 million
Market Trends 2016

Million-dollar homes the exception

I attended a real estate conference last year where I took advantage of a coffe break to compare notes with a realtor from Muskoka. In his world, a million dollar property is a modest cottage, […]

Quinte versus Toronto capitalization rate
Market Trends 2016

Local cap rate follows Toronto

Prince Edward County investors who want to get an idea where investment returns on income properties are headed here would do well to follow what’s happening with similar investment properties in Toronto. Cap rates measure […]