Who are you working for, the buyer or the seller?

Treat Hull & Associates Ltd., Brokerage represents only buyers.


Who pays the real estate commission?

Commission fees are paid -following normal MLS practice- by the seller. For homes not listed on MLS, commission is negotiated, but typically also paid by the seller. Ultimately, if you do not purchase, there is no fee.

I’ve already spoken to the listing agent a couple of times. Do I have to work with them to put in an offer?

The answer is no. Unless you have signed a Buyer Representation Agreement or customer service agreement with the listing agent, you have no obligation to them whatsoever.

What is a Buyer Representation Agreement?

A Buyer Representation Agreement is a legal contract which defines the relationship between you, the buyer, and our real estate brokerage that is working on your behalf. It sets out the property type and geographic location for your potential purchase, lists the services to be provided, addresses the issue of commission that may be payable to the brokerage, and it also specifies the duration of the agreement.

Why do you require a Buyer Representation Agreement?

While you are not required by law to sign a Buyer Representation Agreement, our brokerage has elected to represent only clients covered by an such agreement. The agreement simultaneously protects both you and the brokeraage. The agreement protects you by creating a fiduciary duty by the brokerage to place your interests foremost. It protects the brokerage and its investment of time because you agree to make any purchase during the life of the agreement through our brokerage.

What if I am dissatisfied with the service I am receiving?

Although practice may differ at other brokerages, all Buyer Representation Agreements at our brokerage have a clause which enables you to terminate the agreement at any time on the provision of written notice or email.