Home office in paradise

Prince Edward County is becoming home to a whole new breed of residents: home office workers who have discovered that they can live more comfortably and economically in the County while “telecommuting” to work.


Our own case is instructive: for years my wife and I were determined to move from our big city home to the County, but two things held us back: our son was still in school and we were both working in the technology field and needed high speed internet for our jobs.

Almost ten years ago, our son was completing school and high speed internet arrived in Prince Edward County, enabling us to jump ship and move to the County even though I was part of a global marketing team with my “official” office in Atlanta.

I spent most of the day on in web conferences anyway, so why did I need to fight traffic to get to an office in a high-rise tower in Toronto when I could live and work in the County and enjoy the view (shown above) from my home office window.