Limited Choice Under $300,000

Quarterly Report – Homes Under $300,000
April to June 2018


 The situation for buyers of County homes under $300,000 improved slightly during the second quarter compared to a year earlier. Prices have softened somewhat compared to last year but listings remained the same as last year and there is still limited choice under $300,000.

Listings Unchanged From 2017

Price Edward County listings under $300,00 2nd quarter 2018 unchanged leading to limited choice of homes under $300,000

The average number of homes listed for sale during the second quarter was essentially unchanged from a year earlier, a continuation of the historical decline in the number of listings in this price range. As a result, buyers confronted a limited choice under $300,000.

Sales Fell Compared to Last Year

Sales fell in 2nd quarter 2018 for Prince Edward County homes under $300,000

The number of homes sold during the second quarter of 2018 fell by 42% compared to the same time last year.

Selling to Listing Price Ratio Returned to Normal

selling to listing price ratio for Prince Edward County homes under $300,000 returned to normal in 2nd quarter 2018

The selling to listing price ratio fell from a high of 98% during the second quarter of 2017 to 95.7%, in line with the historical ratio for homes in this price range.

Days On Market Remained Low

Average days on market remained low in 2nd quarter 2018 for homes under $300,000

During the second quarter homes sold over average in 28 days, up from 21 days for the same time last year, but still much faster than the historical average of approximately 50 days for homes in this price range.

Median Price Fell Compared to 2017

Median selling price for Prince Edward County homes under $300,00 fell 2nd Quarter 2018

The median selling price for the quarter was down 6% compared to last year reflecting a decline from $238,000 to $223,000.

Implications For Buyers

With a fall in sales compared to the second quarter of last year, there is some improvement in the outlook for buyers in Prince Edward County

Prices have declined slightly compared to last year and sellers are becoming more realistic in their expectations.

Home listings, however, were virtually unchanged from last year providing limited choice under $300,000.

Homes are selling more slowly than at this time last year, but buyers still need to move more quickly than they did prior to 2016.


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Based on residential data for MLS homes in Prince Edward County maintained by the Quinte & District Association of REALTORS Inc. Treat Hull & Associates Ltd., Brokerage solely responsible for interpretations presented.