More Restrictive STA Rules Up For Final Decision

Cover of report for Council on new rules for Short Term Accommodations.

More restrictive STA rules are up for final approval by Council when it meets on September 13th.

The most significant and controversial changes concerns what used to be called “whole-home STA’s” which are referred to under the new rules as “secondary residence” STA’s. Under the proposed new rule no new licenses will be issued for whole-home STA’s which are not the owners principal residence.

Existing whole-home STA’s will be grandfathered and will be eligible to re-new their licenses. The license eligibility will transfer to the new owner when the property is sold. The upshot is that anyone who wants to operate a whole-home STA in the future will have to buy such a grandfathered property which was licensed prior to next week’s Council meeting.

Any outstanding license application which were submitted before the new rules are finalized will be evaluated under the old rules.

A complete update will be published after the September 13th Council meeting.

In the meantime, an overview of the proposed new rules is available on the County’s web site.

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