Moving To Prince Edward County

If you live in a big city and you’re considering moving to Prince Edward County, there are some things you need to know about rural real estate which you won’t encounter in an urban area.

Many of these topics are covered in a new series of articles which I am writing for the municipality’s Build A New Life website.

Finding Someplace To Rent

Picture illustrates an apartment for rent.

Rentals are scarce in Prince Edward County and condos are few and far between. The first article in the series called “Where Can I Find Someplace To Rent” provides some tips for increasing your odds of finding a satisfactory rental.

Things Work Differently Here

A house recently for sale in Picton.

The second article in the series entitled “Things Work Differently Here” addresses some of the important differences in real estate practices between a big city like Toronto and a rural area like Prince Edward County.

Rural Real Estate FAQ’s

A rural road in Prince Edward County.

The most recent article in this 8-part seriesis called Rural Real Estate FAQ’s and covers issues including drinking water, septic systems, flooding, livestock, internet and farm chemicals.

Articles will following monthly on this continuing series about moving to Prince Edward County.