Webinar Evaluation: Understanding the County’s New Official Plan

At total of 77 people took part in the webinar on “Understanding the County’s New Official Plan” which was held on November 4th.

Afterwards the participants were asked to provide feedback on the session using an anonymous online survey. 30 people took part in the survey with the following results:

Feedback on webinar

Verbatim comments

  • Well worth the time to attend. Speaker was factual, extremely knowledgeable and compartmentalized very overwhelming information into a format which was very easy to understand.
  • Well explained and easy to follow. I like when he gave examples to emphasize the content.
  • Good Summary…..but needed to be longer in order to go deeper into understanding. Perhaps a two-hour session or split into specific topics going forward and have more workshops.
  • Many thanks for a well-researched and structured presentation.
  • So well-researched and prepared. Complex subject explained in clear, crisp and well modulated for wide range of interests. Very thoughtfully done. Thank you!
  • A very well-structured presentation. Much appreciated.
  • Thank you for doing this. Our team listened together. Much appreciated.
  • It was simple and effective. The charts shown needed a legend though.
  • Thank you!
  • My wife now understands it the new OP a lot better.
  • Thank you for today’s presentation. I sent you a follow up email from today’s presentation. As a 15-year resident of the County, why is there this incredibly unprecedented pitch for luxury condos and estate houses. Is there a connection with this timing of development and the new Official Plan ? Many thanks !
  • Great work! Thank you for doing this not only for me, but for others in the County that are impacted.
  • Really well done! Appreciated the info that the Secondary Plans trump OP. Would like to follow-up with you re my questions related to the CEDC and future webinar interests below.
  • Presenter was very engaging and well-organized. I appreciated the visual back up material, the good pace that he struck, the examples provided.
  • Glad you did this for us the majority of people in the county have know idea there property is being devalued and captured there needs to be more information like this presented to the public
  • It was a complicated subject, maybe even requires a second round to address concerns in more detail.
  • Thanks for all your work in putting this together. A great service to the community!
  • You did a great job of organizing and presenting the material. I really enjoyed it and found it very informative.
  • A grain of salt: balancing where you focus to please such a variety of interests is impossible. You did well.
  • Really appreciated the pace. Presenter wasn’t too slow or too fast. I also thought the areas he chose to focus on were great.

Interest in future webinar topics


    • The plan was to provide a video copy of the session on here on the website, but the session failed to record. I hope to put together the text to accompany the slides in the next few days. Alternatively, if you have a specific question where I can help, please feel free to contact me.

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