The number of Prince Edward County homes over $300,000 listed for sale increased during the third quarter 2018
Market Trends 2018

Conditions For Buyers Continue To Improve

Quarterly Report – Homes Over $300,000 July to September 2018 SUMMARY: By most indicators, the third-quarter market for Prince Edward County homes over $300,000 was more favourable for buyers than a year earlier. Home prices […]

Market Trends 2018

Limited Choice Under $300,000

Quarterly Report – Homes Under $300,000 April to June 2018 SUMMARY:  The situation for buyers of County homes under $300,000 improved slightly during the second quarter compared to a year earlier. Prices have softened somewhat […]

Prince Edward County real estate listings over $300,000 all-time high
Market Trends 2018

Best Selection Ever for Homes Over $300,000

Quarterly Report – Homes Over $300,000 April to June 2018 SUMMARY: The situation for Prince Edward County buyers started to improve last summer when the real estate bubble ended. This trend continued in the second […]

Prince Edward County real estate market trends April 10`8
Market Trends 2018

April 2018 – Continued Improvement for Buyers

Prince Edward County sales of homes over $300,00 during April continued the moderating trend of recent months. As a result, conditions were much better for buyers this April than they were a year earlier. The […]

Home sales Q1 2018
Market Trends 2018

Homes Over $300,000: January to March 2018

The situation for buyers of County homes over $300,000 was much better during the first quarter of this year compared to the over-heated seller’s market at the start of 2017. Most indicators point to the […]

County monthly home sales 2017
Market Trends 2017

Homes Over $300,000: Oct. to Dec. 2017

2017 was a turbulent year in Prince Edward County for single-family homes worth $300,000 and up. The County market heated up and then cooled off in tandem with the Toronto market, ultimately bringing good news […]