The Best Time To Look for Property

Chart shows the best time to buy property is in the spring for selection and the rest of the year for price

Buyers often ask me what’s the best time to look for property in Prince Edward County.

Real estate is seasonal in big cities like Toronto, but even more so in a rural area like Prince Edward County.

Although winters are not what they once were, the cold and snow still discourage many would-be buyers from travelling to the County. Sellers know that there are fewer buyers during cold weather and many suspend their listings so they don’t look like they’ve been on the market forever.

So when is the best time to look for property?

In terms of selection, spring and early summer offer the widest range of choices?

On the other hand, if you want to get the best deal, avoid spring and early summer. However, apart from that, the other eight months of the year are all about the same.

In any event, the difference in selling prices between the spring and the rest of the year is only about 2%.

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