Toronto Star: Treat Hull on Working From Home Driving Demand

Image shows Toronto Star article which quotes Broker of Record Treat Hull on how working from home is driving demand for Prince Edward County real estate

Tess Kalinowski, real estate reporter for the Toronto Star, quoted Broker of Record Treat Hull as part of a July 2nd article entitled ‘They are buying everything’: Cottage sales surge by as much as 25 per cent as Torontonians flee the city:

“All those warnings from small cottage country mayors to stay away this spring haven’t discouraged Torontonians from hunting for vacation homes, say realtors in the resort destinations outside the city.

Some say the pandemic is boosting business as urbanites seek a change of scene in less populated communities, finally secure in the knowledge that the boss is OK with working from home.

The lockdown made people stir crazy, said real estate broker Treat Hull in Prince Edward County east of Toronto, which has been attracting tourists, retirees and telecommuters, with its wineries, internet service and home prices at half the cost of the city.

Hull said COVID-19 deepened the pool of potential home buyers beyond the lawyers and knowledge workers because suddenly it has become acceptable to make a big presentation or sales proposal on video chat.

“Now, not only can you work from home, you can sell from home. I think that’s the breakthrough,” he said.”

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