The following verbatim questions and comments were received in advance of the online workshop “Understanding the County’s New Official Plan” which will be held November 4th, 2020 at 1 pm.

Rural Development

  • What are the new restrictions / or easing of building permit/planning rules, for RR2-zoned severed properties?
  • As a homeowner with some extra “land in the back”, what reasonable opportunities are there for me to take advantage of my extra land to support and benefit from the tourism traffic that lacks accommodation at the parks and facilities that already exist (glamping, camping, huts)
  • What will the potential impact be on property values in the County if there are restrictions on STA operations or a limiting of rules such as the number of severances that can be completed on a larger property?
  • What does the new official plan mean for landowners who own sizeable parcels (20 to 500 acres) zoned RU-1 or RU-2? How does this affect severance of parcels?
  • The division of the county’s farmland into small suburban lots.
  • Development criteria outside of service areas.
  • Interested in development of rural areas
  • If I buy a rural property on the outskirts of town on a lot that has been severed (often see 1 acre lots surrounded by large agricultural plots of land) what do I need to be mindful of to ensure that the rural property doesn’t become surrounded by housing or retail development? If a buyer wants a long term rural landscape, how far away (in kilometres) should I look from Picton or Wellington? Any particular areas that feel “safe” in the long term from this point of view?
  • I own a 21 acre property not far from Picton that could currently have multiple severances so that may be limited with a potential negative impact on value. I have been seeking additional investment opportunities but the potential restrictions and changes may well stifle that plan.
  • Preserving the rural nature of the County and accessibility to cyclists

Affordable Housing

  • Does it allow for varied approach to homeless problem..i.e variety of housing structures, etc.?
  • Interested in understanding the County’s strategy for addressing affordable housing.
  • Affordable housing provisions.
  • Impact on affordable housing and on growth
  • How does the plan balance the growth of tourism and the needs of affordable housing for those in the service industry?
  • The County has become unaffordable and the surrounding areas have already escalated in prices.

Natural Environment

  • Am very interested in the topics related to the Environmental projections policies
  • What must be included in the New Official Plan is that no new major development application in a natural Core Area  will be accepted by the county planning department.
  • the preservation of natural areas and wildlife habitats.
  • I am concerned with environmental protection.

Growth in Urban Centres

  • How will the character of Wellington and Picton evolve based on the Official Plan? Ie. will Picton become more of the hub for residents actually living and working in PEC and Wellington dedicated to entertainment and tourism and not really “functional” as an independent town/village?
  • How much will the towns of Wellington and Picton grow and if they do both grow, how will ‘small town character’ be retained in the face of high density development?
  • Is there anything in the plan to support and encourage the Picton harborfront revitalization?

Climate Change

  • How will the OP set out a meaningful plan to deal with climate change to meet specific targets? Will the OP require that a climate change, or sustainability plan, be undertaken to guide the municipality over the next important decade,that will evaluate all new public and private initiatives and plans to achieve targets? The plan can start with modest first steps but ramp up over specified tiers to improve efficiencies and goals. This is clearly an issue that all communities face and need to make an effort to address on a local basis.
  • The Official Plan seems more of a guidance document than a plan. There are principles and objectives but few concrete, measurable plans, such as protect xx amount of shoreline from development. I’m delighted that the Plan includes environmental and climate change considerations but the Plan is clearly (to my mind anyway ) pro development. I also fear that there is a bias in the County government and Council towards development, and the Plan – because it lacks numerical targets – won’t be adequate to temper development with environmental and social considerations.
  • How strongly does it address sustainability and environmental issues?

Planning Process

  • All development applications will have to be resubmitted if they are rejected within 90 days.There should be no more massaging and manipulation of applications for years until finally the council approves.In other words streamline the process or at least follow the existing rules.
  • What strength does it have against developer going to province for review?
  • improvements in communication from council addressed at workshop.

Agricultural Lands

  • I am specifically interested in your take on: lands designated for development and how prime agricultural lands are being protected.
  • Parts that reference the agricultural community


  • As a landlord of long term rentals – making sure the community will thrive and warrant our tenants to remain and enjoy “Livable community”.
  • How will the new OP ensure that future growth and any redevelopment within existing areas will require plans for ‘complete communities’ that include; diversity of land uses and housing forms and affordability, walkable communities that are not solely reliant on the automobile, planning for our ageing population so some form of transit is available when people need to give up the car but want to continue to life in their home, access to essential shops and services that are part of any physical plan

Changes From Earlier

  • How do land designations in the new plan differ from what is currently in place and what are the implications on future population growth?
  • What might have changed with the preliminary plan from a few years ago?

Impact on Existing Owners

  • What will be the impact on existing home sales prices, not new construction.
  • Are there any specific measures that will impact owners economically in the short term?

Adequate Infrastructure

  • Any idea how long it will take to build out the new homes planned. Any new infrastructure planned i.e roads besides the ones in the subdivisions or sewer.
  • What will the ultimate impact be with respect to managing residential and commercial real estate development in the County? This would include congestion, infrastructure, taxes etc.
  • Make sure that we are supported with new renovations/construction of long term developments

Population Growth

  • What is the anticipated growth in the full time population in the next 20 yrs and where will that growth occur?
  • Aging Demographic: we have seen information that suggests that PEC has an aging population, similar to many rural areas. Will the Plan address keeping/attracting younger people in the County?


  • What will and wont be permitted under the official plan?
  • Whether they’re going to incorporate anything of our pandemic knowledge into their guiding principles
  • At a high level how will the plan impact the character of PEC over the coming years
  • Shoreline/Water Issues: does the Plan change management or rules regarding shoreline/water, and what should a landowner be aware of?
  • Who will be the winners and the losers if the official plan moves through? Will any particular type of property get favoured over another for ease of development or anything else that would make it more of a desirable investment?
  • I currently have an STA licence and rent out an old stone cottage on a fairly casual basis.  I have been seeking additional investment opportunities but the potential restrictions and changes may well stifle that plan.