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Services in rural areas are different than in big cities, some for the worse and some for the better. Waiting for the snow plow to come might fall into the first category. On the other hand, this video featuring, John Hatch, Commander of our local OPP detachment, was made to reach out to local youth at risk and make the police more approachable and less of an adversary. It’s a little out of the ordinary for a real estate site, but it’s a great illustration on community policing at work in a small town. It was a collaborative project between the OPP, The Recreation Outreach Centre and our local high school. This video was student planned and executed!

Living Well On A Well

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Drinking water wells are familiar territory for anyone who grew up in a rural area. This video is intended for anyone who grew up on municipal water in a city and wants to understand the ins and outs of “living well on a well”.

Straight Poop On Septic Systems

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Didn’t grow up in a house with a septic tank? This brief video is intended to provide “the straight poop on septic systems”, how they work and things to look out for if you’re considering buying a home with a septic system.